World class quality with 3 years warranty pump.
  1. Rubber coated handle comfortable even under extreme temperature conditions.
  2. Quick and easy-change cassette valve system with overload protection.
  3. High welding type pump!
  4. Powder coated chassis made of high grade steel.
  5. Lead-in and lead-out rollers reduce damage to pallets. 

Specifications of the product

Model Unit DE20S DE20L DE25S DE25L
Capacity (kg) 2000 2000 2500 2500
Max. fork height (mm) 205(or 190)
Min. Fork Height (mm) 85(or 75)
Fork lenght (mm) 1150 1220 1150 1220
Fork Overall width (mm) 540 680 540 680
Load Roller (mm) Tandem φ 80x70, (or φ 70x70) Nylon or Polurethane
Steering Wheel (mm) φ 200x50(φ 180x50) Nylon, Polyurethane or Rubber)
Net weight (kg) 78 82 80 84

Note: Specification and materials are subject to change without notice.