1. For use in corrosive environment, cold room or clean room applications.
  2. Chrome plated piston and valve.
  3. Galvanized structure including fork frame, wheel frame, push rod, handle.
  4. Galvanized pump with leak resistant and airless design.
  5. Heavy duty one piece "C" section forks for greatest strength and durability.

Specifications of the product

Model Capacity Min./Max Fork Height Fork Size Net Weight Quantity in 20' container Minimum Qty.
Length Width Over Forks Fork Width
HPG20S 2000kg 85/205mm 1150mm 540mm 160mm 75kg 180pcs 12pcs
HPG20L 2000kg 85/205mm 1200mm 680mm 160mm 78kg 144pcs 12pcs
HPG25S 2500kg 85/205mm 1150mm 540mm 160mm 78kg 180pcs 12pcs
HPG25L 2500kg 85/205mm 1200mm 680mm 160mm 81kg 144pcs 12pcs

Note: Specification and materials are subject to change without notice.