1. 3 years warranty pump: a built in overload valve and totally sealed hydraulic pump.
  2. German seal kit offers long span life of pump for 3 years warranty .
  3. Heavy duty and reinforced forks for greatest strength and durability.
  4. 2 nylon entry and exit rollers prevent physical exertion of the operator and protect load rollers and pallet.
  5. Oilless bushings at key points offer you less operating force and longer span life of pallet truck

Specifications of the product

  HP20S HP20L HP25S HP25L HP30S HP30L
Capacity (kg) 2000 2000 2500 2500 3000 3000
Max .Fork Height (mm) 205(or 195)
Min. Fork Height (mm) 85(or 75)
Fork Length (mm) 1150 1220 1150 1220 1150 1220
Width Overall Forks (mm) 540 680 540 680 540 680
Individual Fork Width (mm) 160
Load Roller Diameter (mm) Φ 82 x70( or Φ 70 x70) Nylon ,Polyurethane
Steering Wheel Diameter (mm) Φ 200X50( or Φ180 x50) Nylon, Polyurethane, Rubber
Net Weight (kg) 78 82 80 84 85 89
Quick Lift(6 pump strokes) HPQ20S HPQ20L HPQ25S HPQ25L HPQ30S HPQ30L
With Hand Brake HPH20S HPH20L HPH25S HPH25L HPH30S HPH30L
With Deadman Brake HPD20S HPD20L HPD25S HPD25L HPD30S HPD30L
With Foot Brake HPJ20S HPJ20L HPJ25S HPJ25L HPJ30S HPJ30L

Note: Specification and materials are subject to change without notice.