Durable Hydraulic pump

With latest European Technology, SWELIFT self- contained unit provides premium-qualifty hydraulic ,seal kits are made in Germany.

Centeral Fingertip Controls 
  • Three-position control lever provides fingertip control of all hydraulic system functions with the handle in any position.
  • Neutral position frees handle of hydraulic functions.


Fork Frame

Rugged construction with heavy gauge steel and sturdy continuous welds throughout, SWELIFT fork frame can load 3000kg.

Specifications of the product

Model Capacity Fork Width Fork Length Weight Packing Size (6pcs/Pallet) Qty/20'cont.
SP20S 2000kg 550mm 1150mm 68-75kg 2200x560x680mm/450kg 180pcs
4400lbs 26-2/3 " 45-1/5" 150-165lbs
SP20L 2000kg 685mm 1220mm 73-80kg 2200x710x680mm/480kg 144pcs
4400lbs 27" 48" 160-176lbs
SP25S 2500kg 550mm 1150mm 71-78kg 2200x560x680mm/470kg 180pcs
5500lbs 26-2/3" 45-1/5" 156-172lbs
SP25L 2500kg 685mm 1220mm 74-82kg 2200x710x680mm/500kg 144pcs
5500lbs 27" 48" 163-180lbs
SP30S 3000kg 550mm 1150 78-83kg 2200x560x680mm/520kg 180pcs
6600lbs 26-2/3 " 45-1/5" 172-183lbs
SP30L 3000kg 685mm 1220mm 81-86kg 2200x710x680mm/550kg 144pcs
6600lbs 27" 48" 178-190lbs

Note: Specification and materials are subject to change without notice.